Explore the Selling Options for Your House in Savannah!

When preparing to sell your Savannah home, understanding your available options is crucial. While some believe hiring an agent is mandatory, many discover greater savings and faster sales by collaborating with a direct buyer. Wondering what's best for your property? Here's a quick comparison between hiring a Savannah real estate agent and selling directly to Trusted Home Buyers (912-433-6726)! Feel free to reach out if you need more information at 912-433-6726.

How Should You Sell Your House in Savannah?

Analyzing the financial aspects is crucial to grasp the expenses associated with listing and the potential savings from a swift sale. While an agent might pledge a higher price, there’s no certainty of securing an offer. Opting for Trusted Home Buyers ensures a speedy closing in only 7 days!

A Fast Sale Will Save You Time and Money!

Selling your house swiftly helps you cut down on holding costs swiftly. This includes bidding farewell to mortgage payments, utility bills, property taxes, insurance fees, maintenance charges, and other expenses tied to the property. Say goodbye to the uncertainties of waiting for a sale or pondering over potential offers.

We Buy Houses As-Is!

If your property requires repairs, preparing it for the MLS can incur significant costs without any guarantee of returns. You shouldn’t have to invest money to sell your home. At Trusted Home Buyers, we purchase houses as-is, sparing you from spending any money on preparing it for sale!

There Are Never Any Costs or Commissions

When selling your house through traditional means, it could potentially cost a significant amount of money depending on the property. Between holding costs, repairs, negotiations, commissions, and closing expenses, you might end up spending a substantial sum to sell your house in Savannah. However, by partnering with Trusted Home Buyers, you can sell your house fast in Savannah without incurring these costs. Selling to us could save you thousands of dollars, especially in commissions alone!

Wondering if a direct sale is the best choice for you? We’ll assist you in analyzing the numbers for your property so that you can make an informed selling decision. Don’t get caught with unexpected expenses! Contact us today to discover what we can offer you! Call 912-433-6726.

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started…

A Fast Sale Will Save You Time and Money!

*An inspection contingency allows the buyer to conduct an inspection and renegotiate or withdraw from the sale if repairs are necessary. If an agreement cannot be reached, the buyer has the option to withdraw from the sale. Likewise, a financing contingency enables the buyer to withdraw from the purchase if they fail to secure a loan or if the home does not appraise for the required value by the bank for loan closure.


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